At Kamuzu college of Nursing, we partner with a number of international Universities and Non-Governmental institutions in order to achieve our mission and vision. Kamuzu College of Nursing includes centres on campus that work with the college towards the achievement of the college’s goals.


Collaborating Partners

Kamuzu College of Nursing collaborates with a number of institutions in areas such as student and faculty exchange programs, capacity building, scholarship programs, curriculum development and research. In total, we have 34 institutions that we have collaborated with from as early as 2001 with some partnerships ongoing to this day. We have collaborated with institutions such as the Commonwealth Secretariat (UK), University of Edinburgh, University of New Brunswick (Canada), University of Cape Town (South Africa), Michigan State University and more.

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Kamuzu College of Nursing houses a research centre and is home to the Confucius centre.

 Confucius Centre

 Research Centre

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