Students and Campus Life

Kamuzu College of Nursing is the perfect choice for your academic study. The college offers a supportive and caring campus environment for you to develop socially, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

We have a profound commitment to the diversity of our community and are focused on cultivating a respectful and inclusive environment where individuals with varying points of view and a broad range of life  experiences can engage with and learn from one another.
The Dean of Students serves as a strong advocate for student needs and helps to shape an appreciation for student life at the College by forging tighter links of collaboration with all colleagues who are stakeholders in the quality of the student experience. She provides student affairs leadership and oversees those who lead essential student programs, services and
initiatives that make KCN home such as health and wellness, campus and community involvement, spiritual life and a network of support.

When you come to KCN, you will find countless opportunities and incredible support to help you along the way. Through our wide array of programs and services, we provide opportunities and experiences that build community, help you grow personally and professionally and create a
place that you can call home now and throughout your life. We offer a huge variety of exciting activities outside the classroom enriching the lives of our students, staff and faculty members and contributing to a vibrant, collaborative and diverse campus community that inspires excellence.

As one of the largest Nursing and Midwifery Colleges in Southern Africa, we have many students who come here to study every year, so you will meet plenty of people, make life-long friends, get involved in an active student community on all of our campuses and have a fantastic social life

Janet Botha, Dean of Students

Each day brings new experiences that allow students to engage their passions.


Living in College accommodation is a great option, whether you are about to start your first year at KCN or are already a student at the college. Our aim is to ensure that all of our students have a fantastic experience while living with us. However, the College does not provide or guarantee
housing for all students. The supply of on-campus housing is very limited and some students live off-campus. This is the reason why some of our students will have to look for accommodation independently.

To be offered housing space at KCN, students and upper-class undergraduate students should submit a housing application by the appropriate deadline each year. There may not be enough rooms to meet the demand so we encourage the interested students to apply. Our talented and dedicated staff assign students to housing. If you are not offered a room in student housing or if you are a Masters or PhD student, you will need to find accommodations on your own with options including renting a room in a private home and flat-sharing with other students.

Our dedicated support staff manage, clean, and maintain student residences; and also operate a Housing Front Desk where staff can answer many of your housing questions. Our goal is to make your KCN home a comfortable, clean and safe environment.


KCN’s dining system is designed to be easy and accommodating, providing a range of options to both students who live on or off campus. The system has quite evolved in all public colleges under the University of Malawi. The government through the University office provides all government sponsored students with a modest stipend that is meant to carter for their accommodation and food expenses every month. The office of Dean of Students and Students Union conjointly enlists private caterers to provide services to the college.  These diverse caterers provide enjoyable, delicious, nutritious and attractively presented selection of meals in our dining hall that meet each student’s lunch and dinner needs. So, grab a friend or a group of friends and enjoy quality meals served friendly and fast in a casual environment at affordable prices.

In addition, there are a number of eateries across all our campuses as well as smaller venues and convenient snack carts which leave students with a number of options to choose from any time.

Student Organisations and Activities

Your education at KCN is more than just the one you gain in the classroom. In addition to the learning and growing you do in class, there are many opportunities to develop your mind, body, and spirit holistically as a person and as a leader. Student organizations embody the energy, focus, leadership and innovation of KCN students. Students are active and engaged in hundreds of student groups and activities.  From programme-based societies to the faith-based societies and political clubs, KCN has plenty of options available to help fill your spare time and offers students a meaningful educational experience that enhances their personal, social, and intellectual growth. The large number of clubs are formed and run by students.

The student activities provide students with opportunities to engage in cultural, educational, social, and recreational activities which are an integral part of the living-learning community at KCN. Students develop their talents and abilities in leadership and teamwork. Every semester, student organizations, the office of student’s affairs, faculties, departments and students union office organize conferences, seminars, lectures, debates, cultural and social events and also bring exciting guests, artists and speakers to campus. Some activities such as religious and sports also involve planning with other colleges under University of Malawi and other private universities.

So, dive in and join a group, club, society or take the lead and create a new one. You will make friends and have fun, all with the support of the College.

Sports and Recreation

Staying active contributes positively to many aspects of one’s life particularly physical and mental health. Some form of sports or recreation is therefore crucial to your KCN experience and a very good habit to develop for the rest of your life.

At KCN we encourage students to stay active, fit and healthy. For others, you may already be very involved in competitive sports or some recreational hobbies and at KCN there are countless opportunities for you to keep that up.

For those who would like to jog around the block, play volleyball, basketball, football and netball there is a group of students with similar interests on campus ready to help you get started and involved. Students can take part in competitive sports against other colleges or just for a great experience and fun.

In addition to sports, there are several other activities and events organized by students with the support of the college which can contribute excellently to your well-being. For example, there are mindfulness seminars and workshops, theatre groups, social weekends and even access to DSTV in the hostel lounges for students to catch their favourite shows. Alongside the vibrant party life on campus on some weekends, these offer you several options to counterbalance or complement your academic life and explore ways to stay well, active and have fun.

Students are encouraged to pursue their leisure and sporting interests during their time and we cater for all levels of ability from the recreational to the competitive. That means you have plenty of reasons to cheer and countless opportunities to stay active!

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