Basic Studies

For nursing and midwifery practitioners to be able to do their job well and handle basic duties within the medical environment there are a number of subjects and skills that they need to be familiar with in addition to the clinical skills. Education in the department of basic studies acquaints students with the ways that communication techniques and technologies, behavioral sciences and biosciences are fundamental to their career growth; how they should govern themselves in the clinical areas as well as help them understand statistics and research methods commonly used in nursing and midwifery.
The courses offered mostly at entry level are also designed to provide students with the basic foundation for the understanding of nursing and midwifery as related to statistics and research, language and communication, physiology, anatomy and biosciences which emphasize development of the basic knowledge, procedures, problem solving skills and attitudes required of nursing professionals.
In as much as our programs are non-clinical in nature and usually difficult to link to clinical decisions and practice, we give them credence as courses like biomedical sciences support students’ mastery of the contemporary scientific knowledge, concepts and methods fundamental to acquiring and applying science in the  practice of nursing and midwifery while communication is vital in every industry.
Dr Elizabeth Glaser

Dr Elizabeth Glaser Lecturer

Visiting Lecturer, KCN Blantyre campus (2016-2018)
Dr Glaser supervises masters’ degree candidates in writing and design of research proposals. She is also an Instructor for first and second year doctoral courses. Her areas of interest are health systems research, cost-effectiveness/cost-benefit analysis. Read more
Mr Gibson Masache

Mr Gibson Masache Dean of Research, Lecturer

Lecturer, KCN Lilongwe campus since 2008
Mr Masache is the Dean of Research at the KCN Research Centre. He also served as the Deputy Head of the Basic studies department in 2017. His areas of interest are human resources for health, health sector reforms, health systems management and health policy. Read more

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