KCN Donates Medical Supplies To Kamuzu Central Hospital

Kamuzu College of Nursing in collaboration with exchange students from the University of Regina and University of New Brunswick, donated various medical supplies to Kamuzu Central Hospital on Monday, August 22. The exchange students had been placed at KCN as part of a student exchange program between their respective universities and KCN. The students donated various items to the college including 3 suitcases of clothes, medical drugs, books and surgical items. Kamuzu Central Hospital is KCN’s main clinical teaching institution and as such it is where students acquire clinical experience. Because of this, KCN felt a sense of responsibility to boost the hospital’s medical supplies by donating some of the supplies given to the college. Kamuzu Central Hospital is not the only beneficiary of these student exchange programs. In addition to Kamuzu Central Hospital, KCN’s own clinic, The David Livingstone Memorial clinic and the student skills lab also received medical supplies. The suitcases of clothes have benefited a number of needy students at both the Lilongwe and Blantyre campuses. The KCN library also received a donation of pharmacology books from the exchange students

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