Opening Arrangements For 2016/2017 Doctor of Philosophy Programs

Kamuzu College of Nursing is pleased to announce the following names of candidates selected to pursue Doctor of Philosophy programs as follows: Doctor of Philosophy in Inter-Professional Health Care Leadership
  1. Kamera Hilda
  2. Uledi Michael Mphatso
  3. Chiwaula Haulesi Catherine
  4. Ziba Isaac Cheke
The following candidates are on the reserve list for the program:
  1. Ng’oma Mwawi Agnes
  2. Chinkhata Mabel Belinda Ngaiyaye
  3. Mbene Alwin Bilney
  4. Elizabeth Gwaza
Doctor of Philosophy in Midwifery
  1. Sakala Betty Jolly Prudence Kambeja
  2. Mwale Ruth Cynthia
  3. Kapito Esnath
The following candidate is on the reserve list for the program:
  1. Mtupanyama Phiri Eteaner Olma
Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
  1. Makata Maluwa Veronica Mary
  1. Candidates on the reserve list are expected to join the program in the proceeding academic year to ensure optimal class size. However, in an event that those offered the initial studentship are unable to pay the required fees or at least half of it within the first two weeks of commencement, those on reserve list shall be invited to take up the place upon production of proof that they are able to pay the applicable fees .
  2. The programs shall commence with registration and orientation on 07th November, 2016 at KCN Kameza Campus in Blantyre.
  3. Fees for the programs are as follows:
USD 5,208.00 per year. The fees should be deposited to KCN Main account, National Bank of Malawi, Lilongwe Branch, account number 321068 and all candidates are requested to bring a copy of the deposit slip during registration. The programs are non-residential as such; all candidates are expected to find their own accommodation in the course of their study with KCN.
Medical Care
USD 147.00 per year.
For any further details please contact: The Registrar, Kamuzu College of Nursing, P/ Bag 1, Lilongwe. Phone: 01 751 622/ 01 751 200  

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