Opening Arrangements For 2018/2019 Academic Year

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Kamuzu College of Nursing, a constituent College of the University of Malawi, is pleased to inform all first year generic, first year post basic and University Certificate in Midwifery students that first semester for the 2018/2019 academic year shall begin on Monday, November 5, 2018. All new students shall attend orientation for one week from November 5 to November 9 , 2018. All students under the following programs shall be based at Blantyre Campus behind Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH):
  1. Bachelor of Science in Adult Health Nursing
  2. Bachelor of Science in Child Health Nursing
  3. Bachelor of Science in Community Health Nursing
  4. Bachelor of Science in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing
  5. Bachelor of Science in Midwifery
All students under the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery program shall report at Lilongwe Campus behind Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH). All first year post basic and University Certificate in Midwifery students shall report at Lilongwe campus behind Kamuzu Central Hospital.
Registration shall take place on November 12, 2018 from 8:30 a.m
Tuition Fees
Fees are currently at K400, 000 per year for first year generic students. Fees for post basic and UCM programs are currently at K950, 000 per year. Students must pay at least half of the fees before registration. All fees should be paid through the bank in advance. First year students should contact the College for their unique bank numbers.
Additional Requirements For First Year Generic Students
In addition to University of Malawi recommended financial contribution, first year generic students are required to bring the following:
  1. K35, 000 Nurses Council Indexing and Professional File fees to be paid in College within 30 days of registration. Please do not deposit this money into the KCN bank account.
  2. Original MSCE Certificate
  3. Two passport size photographs
  4. Uniform:
    • Females – 2 white dresses (or skirt & blouse / pair of trousers and blouse) and 2 Nurses’ caps
    • Males – 2 white safari suits and 2 epaulets
    • All students – 2 pairs of black covered flat shoes and a Name Tag. The uniform shall be tailored under guidance of the College with a specific tailoring pattern that will be advised to all students while on campus. Students should only bring with them the appropriate white cloth and a minimum of K6,000 for tailoring.
  5. Stethoscope
  6. Thermometer
  7. Nurses’ Watch
  8. Blood Pressure machine
  9. A blue or white cardigan for females
  10. A green apron for females (required during Community Health Nursing experience)
  11. A green dust coat for males (required during Community Health Nursing experience)
  12. A pair of white gumboots for Medical Surgical, Maternal and Child Health Nursing experience.
College Accommodation
The College has limited accommodation at a fee and all first year generic students who would like to stay on campus should apply for reservation to the following address:

College Registrar

Private Bag 1,



The cost of College Accommodation is currently at K10, 000 per month. For all those who may be offered College accommodation, keys to rooms will only be issued upon production of bank deposit slip for tuition and accommodation fees.    

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