This update is an account of the progress that has been made since the response team was constituted on March 13 2020 to April 23 2020.
Date Activity
13-03-2020 Kamuzu College of Nursing Management mandated the Faculty of Community Health Nursing Studies to champion the response and preparedness of COVID-19 at the College.
16-03-2020 First COVID-19 response team meeting was held at Lilongwe campus and was attended by Community Health Nursing Department members from both Lilongwe and Blantyre campuses, brainstorming on activities that were to be conducted in response to COVID-19 pandemic
20-03-2020 Sensitization meetings conducted for staff and students at Lilongwe campus.
23-03-2020 Sensitization meeting conducted for staff at Kameza campus..
24-03-2020 Sensitization meeting conducted to staff at Blantyre Old campus.
07-04-2020 Distributed infection prevention equipment and supplies to Mtenthera, Diamphwe, Chimbalanga and Matapira health centres within Lilongwe District. The activity was done in partnership with Lilongwe District Health Office who provided a vehicle and members of staff who provided messages on COVID 19 signs, symptoms and prevention and response in the communities using Public Address System on a mobile vehicle. The program had media coverage by Zodiak which broadcasted it on their radio, television, Facebook page, and online news page. This activity was sponsored by Lilongwe Water Board.
09-04-2020 The Blantyre team conducted infection prevention training to cleaners of both Kameza and Old campus. The cleaners were given some PPE equipment and chlorine which they were taught to use for disinfecting surfaces and door knobs. They were taught the correct dilution of the chlorine.
18-04-2020 COVID-19 related research groups constituted.
21-04-2020 UNIMA Lockdown.
22-04-2020 14 faculty members from KCN together with nurses from Kamuzu Central Hospital are being trained on COVID-19 management, Infection Prevention and Control. This training is being offered and sponsored by Ministry of Health and Population..
Kamuzu College of Nursing is represented in the following COVID-19 related committees at various level:
  • COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Committee (National)
  • University of Malawi COVID-19 Response committee
  • Blantyre DHO-COM COVID-19 Committee

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